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We understand the real world challenges faced by our partners in resource-limited settings. And we are committed to delivering real solutions that help providers improve patient care across the globe—giving them the answers they need to be sure. Our powerful diagnostic solutions harness limited resources, adapting to meet the needs of settings both big and small.


We know one size
never fits all.

Real situation:

The demand for viral load monitoring is increasing—and labs are
challenged to help countries meet their 90/90/90 goals.1

Real solution:

Harnessing big-lab, high-throughput technology within a small footprint, we provide real solutions for scale up of viral load monitoring. It’s the right balance of performance, adaptability and efficiency to help you reach the 90/90/90 goals.

The agility to meet your needs.

The Panther system

The agility to meet your needs.

Maximized throughput.
Minimal footprint.

The Panther® system excels in both large, centralized labs and smaller, decentralized settings:

  • Minimal electrical requirements.
  • Small footprint (122 cm wide x 81.5 cm deep).
  • No specialized molecular lab needed.
  • High-throughput capability delivered to decentralized locations.

The flexibility to adapt quickly.

With the Panther system, you can easily adjust to each day’s demands:

  • Load from 1 to 120 samples at one time without batching.
  • Process up to 320 samples in an 8-hour day.
  • Run up to 4 assays in parallel to manage coinfections.
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In global health,
simple is powerful.

Real challenge:

Smaller labs are working hard to make a
big impact with limited human resources.

Real solution:

Our fully automated, easy-to-use technology helps ensure that labs and lab
operators are equipped to meet growing testing demands.

Seamlessly integrate viral load testing into your existing CD4 infrastructure.

Integrate Panther into CD4 infrastructure

Increase your testing capabilities.

Introduce the Panther system into your current CD4 lab and expand not only your testing capabilities, but also your assay menu with the ever expanding assay offering run on the Panther system.

Redirect your current CD4 human
resources toward viral load testing.

The Panther system requires minimal operator hands-on time for ease of use and implementation:

  • Fully automated from sample to result.
  • Direct loading of primary tubes with plasma and serum samples.
  • Intuitive operation to simplify training and minimize the risk of error.

One consolidated price.

Our all-inclusive pricing includes everything you need to run assays on the Panther system. From calculating your needs for fluids and consumables to coordinating an optimized delivery schedule, we help simplify your supply chain management.

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Specific Solutions

We evolve because
needs change.

Real obstacle:

Access to appropriate care is complicated
by issues such as transportation barriers and
limited infrastructure.

Real solution:

We carefully consider every aspect of the patient and provider journey, constantly seeking ways to improve access to care.

Mobile health for a mobile world.

Our solutions are compatible with mHealth reporting to ensure results are delivered in patients’ hands.

mobile health compatible delivery
Remote specimen collection protocols facilitate sample transport. Parallel testing of multiple infectious diseases on the same instrument expands your testing capabilities. Mobile Health (mHealth) results reporting to help close the loop with patients.

Streamlined testing for common coinfections.

The Panther system supports parallel testing of virology—including HIV-1 and HCV—and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HPV, CT/NG and trichomoniasis.

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Service & Support

Care for those who
care for patients.

Real issue:

Diagnostic instruments are a significant commitment. You need to
know the company you partner with is equally committed to you.

Real solution:

When customers need us, we are responsive, flexible and supportive. Together with our partners, we provide the implementation, ongoing training, on-site service and support necessary to get your lab up and running and keep it running smoothly.

Implementation Validation Training Service Support

Proven experience.

Through our partnership with Grifols and Procleix blood screening products, we have screened nearly 60% of the world’s blood supply.2 We harness the same proven technology and logistical expertise in our global viral load monitoring. So you can be confident when placing your viral load monitoring needs in our hands.

Hologic screens nearly 60% of world blood supply Hologic screens nearly 60% of world blood supply

On-site, ongoing training.

Our hands-on and refresher training courses ensure that staff can operate our instruments efficiently and effectively.

Rapid response.

We quickly respond to service requests, often within 24 hours, and ensure a specialist can be on-site to address the issue.

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